exhausted man

Exhausted? 12 easy ideas elevating energy levels

Are your days dragging?  If you have a demanding career, busy family life, or a filled-to-the-brim social schedule, you may be feeling the energy drain. Even without an active schedule, energy zappers can still leave you feeling worn out. Have you ever wondered how to give yourself a much-needed boost of energy just when you… Read more

man relaxing

Making relaxation a necessity and not a luxury

Have you ever been told to, “just relax?” And have you ever realized just how hard to simply let go and relax really is?  As easy as it sounds, learning to calm and relax your body and mind can actually be quite difficult to do. All of us know stress is a part of life… Read more


Using the FITT principles for a powerful workout

If you’re looking for an effective workout to help you achieve your fitness goals, let the FITT principles guide you. FITT stands for Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Type, four important elements you need to create a workout plan that fits your specific goals and fitness level. Everyone is different in getting the most out of… Read more

men's health

Men beware: Health warning signs not to ignore

Sometimes, pulling teeth feels easier than getting men into a doctor’s office. Blame it on the male ego, feeling invincible, indestructible, or just not wanting to know, men are likely ignoring signs or symptoms of potentially serious health issues. But even minor symptoms can be early warning signs of a bigger health problem down the… Read more

low libido

Dr. David Samadi on reviving low libido in men

It’s bound to happen at some point in a man’s life – a gradual decline in or even complete loss of interest in sex. Chalk it up to growing older or getting out of shape, when a man’s virility wanes, it can come as a shock not only to men but also their partners.  Just… Read more