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Men beware: Health warning signs not to ignore

Sometimes, pulling teeth feels easier than getting men into a doctor’s office. Blame it on the male ego, feeling invincible, indestructible, or just not wanting to know, men are likely ignoring signs or symptoms of potentially serious health issues. But even minor symptoms can be early warning signs of a bigger health problem down the… Read more

low libido

Dr. David Samadi on reviving low libido in men

It’s bound to happen at some point in a man’s life – a gradual decline in or even complete loss of interest in sex. Chalk it up to growing older or getting out of shape, when a man’s virility wanes, it can come as a shock not only to men but also their partners.  Just… Read more


6 habits preventing you from losing weight

Losing weight and then successfully keeping it off is challenging. Not impossible, but challenging nonetheless. If you’re a diet over-achiever, going from one diet to the next aiming to find “the one” finally achieving weight success but to no avail, could it be certain habits you need to let go of? Habits that may be… Read more

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Creative ways reaching 10,000 steps every day

Americans love their fitness trackers according to a Gallup annual Health and Healthcare survey. In 2019, about 19% or almost one in five U.S. citizens reported sporting wearable fitness trackers and health apps. This includes fitness trackers calculating every step you take each day aiming to reach the gold standard of 10,000 steps a day…. Read more


Urolift – The non-invasive BPH treatment!

Benign prostatic hyperplasia is a noncancerous prostate condition that usually causes bothersome symptoms. It is considered to be a normal aging health problem. The quality of life of a man affected by BPH can be severely affected. Many men accuse frequent and urgent urination, along with other symptoms. Many treatment options available until now have… Read more