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Life expectancy gap widens between men and women

For years, various studies have shown that men have a shorter life expectancy compared to women across the globe. However, since the mid-1990s, the gap in life expectancy between American men and women has widened the most ever to almost six years, in which American women will live longer than men. This is a gap… Read more

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Visceral Fat – Fighting the fat you cannot see

As men grow older, their bodies undergo various changes that make it challenging to maintain a healthy weight. Their metabolism slows down, testosterone levels decline, and they often consume an abundance of calories. Excess calories the body has no use for turn into fat if not burned off. These factors contribute to decreased calorie burning… Read more

How quickly does prostate cancer spread

How quickly does prostate cancer spread

How quickly does prostate cancer spread? The formation and spread of cancer is often shrouded in mystery. Many cancer patients may be unclear on how their disease developed and spread. Men diagnosed with prostate cancer, are also often in the dark about the particulars of this mechanism. This is why all men should ask their… Read more

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What are the 5 warning signs of prostate cancer?

Find out what are the five warning signs of prostate cancer, so you can take action early The cause of prostate cancer is difficult to pinpoint. There is no one distinguishing factor that causes prostate. Still, several risk factors, such as a family history or men who carry excess body weight, appear linked to increasing the… Read more

Risk of prostate cancer by age

Risk of prostate cancer by age: Understanding the vulnerability

Several factors influence the risk of prostate cancer, including age. A few of these risk factors include a man’s ethnicity, family history, and even genetic factors that may carry an increased tendency for this disease. These risk factors mentioned are unmodifiable – a man can’t change them. Here is one more unmodifiable risk factor –… Read more