Ways to make drinking water more appealing for supporting your urinary health

Most people choose beverages for reasons little to do with thirst. It could be the stimulating effect of caffeine in coffee, tea, or sodas. At mealtimes, they may choose fluids such as soups, milk, juice, or other beverages. They believe they need added nutrients in sugar-sweetened “vitamin” waters. They think they need the carbohydrate in… Read more


Vital facts you need to about kidney infections

Many different types of infections can occur in the urinary tract, including a kidney infection. Anyone who develops a kidney infection must be treated immediately as it can become a life-threatening problem.   Keeping kidneys healthy is vital Our kidneys are one of the hardest-working organs in the body. These two bean-shaped organs sitting opposite each… Read more


Melatonin supplements for sleep: What you need to know

More and more people who suffer from insufficient sleep are using melatonin supplements. It was in 1958 when melatonin was discovered, a hormone our body makes to help regulate our natural body clock called circadian rhythm. It is estimated that more than 3 million adults and almost a half-million children take melatonin for sleep deprivation…. Read more


Here’s what men should expect after a vasectomy

You did it. You joined approximately 50 million other men worldwide, of which 500,000 are American men who, each year, bite the bullet, severing their ties of being able to reproduce. A vasectomy is a commonly used form of sterilization and birth control in which the tubes that carry sperm are closed or blocked, disallowing… Read more

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An overview of understanding the role of testosterone in men and women

Think of testosterone, and images of bearded, muscular men may come to mind since this hormone is primarily associated with men.  But, testosterone is an equal opportunity hormone. It’s found in both men and women, playing a vital role in their lives.   What is testosterone? Testosterone is an androgen hormone produced by the adrenal cortex… Read more