How much do you know about body fat?

Body fat, aka adipose tissue, is as relevant and influential as our brain, heart, or any other body organs for sustaining our health. How is that true? Isn’t body fat bad, and shouldn’t we try to eliminate as much as possible? A certain amount of body fat is necessary for good health. Body fat protects… Read more


Erectile dysfunction hikes risk for cardiovascular disease

  Study findings presented at the 2022 American Urological Association, found that men with erectile dysfunction (ED), particulary men living in rural areas, have an increased risk for major adverse cardiovascular events or MACE. MACE is defined as someone who’s had a heart attack, coronary revascularization procedures, ischemic stroke, or hospitalization for heart failure.  This… Read more


Have trouble with memory or brain fog? Why your medications could be to blame

An astonishing 66 percent of American adults use at least one prescription medication. Moreover, the vast majority of adults use prescription medication for five of the most common chronic health conditions – heart disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, and cancer. In addition, the vast majority of user (age-wise) of prescription drugs are 50 years… Read more


Staying healthy when on ADT hormone therapy

Prostate cancer is a very treatable cancer but the male sex hormone, testosterone, an androgen, can fuel the growth of prostate cancer cells, accelerating the disease. To reduce the amount of testosterone a man’s body produces helping slow cancer’s growth, some men may require a hormone therapy called androgen deprivation therapy (ADT), helping improve survival… Read more


Soak up the heat of health benefits using a sauna

A sauna routine might be one of the healthiest habits you can embrace. Besides the incredible pleasure and relaxation you’ll experience soaking up the heat, the all-encompassing warmth of a sauna does wonders for the body. The dry heat (which can reach up to 185 degrees) raises body heat in minutes leading to the average… Read more