What men can expect when seeing a urologist for the first time

There will come a time in most men’s lives when having a urologist will come in handy. As men age and begin having urinary or prostate problems, they realize and understand why urological health is vital to their daily well-being.  What does a urologist do? Urology is a specialty focusing on the health of the… Read more


The connection between low testosterone and how it affects a man’s long-term health

The links between testosterone deficiency (low T) and other medical conditions afflicting men have long been debated among researchers. The question has been, is low T an indicator of poor health leading to chronic health issues, or is it the other way around?  Are men with poor health more likely to develop and suffer from… Read more


Solutions for keeping men healthy after andropause

There’s a little-known phenomenon called andropause, a normal process of aging that some men (around 2.1 percent) will experience. Think of andropause as the equivalent of women who go through menopause.  Andropause sometimes is called ‘male menopause,’ yet it differs from what women experience. For women, menopause means the end of their ability to conceive… Read more


Orthorexia and men: When eating healthy becomes an obsession

An obsession with reading and over-analyzing food labels. An obsession with following a rigid and inflexible relationship with food. An obsession with no “free pass” of allowing a slice of pizza or ice cream cone. An obsession that leaves men feeling severe anxiety or distress when eating unhealthy. The above statements are true of someone… Read more


Can dietary botanicals reduce symptoms of BPH?

Most men, age fifty and older, are likely dealing with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). BPH is a common condition in which the prostate grows larger as men age. Why the prostate enlarges with age is not well-understood, but it’s believed that the hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone), the active form of testosterone, is involved in this process…. Read more