Divorce rate after radical prostatectomy

A radical prostatectomy is a surgical procedure that removes a cancerous prostate gland to treat prostate cancer. Men who are candidates for a radical prostatectomy have a life expectancy greater than ten years and whose cancer is confined within the prostate.  What happens after radical prostatectomy? There are three types of radical prostatectomy surgeries for… Read more


Why coffee may be a pick-me-up for men fighting prostate cancer

New research says that if you’re a man who loves coffee, you can feel good about pouring yourself another cup. This news is from a recent study that’s found an association between a genotype possibly revving up the body’s rate of metabolizing caffeine that may improve a man’s survival rates from prostate cancer.  Prostate cancer… Read more


Nocturia – How to reduce night time urination

What is nocturia? Nocturia is a condition causing a person to wake up during the night to urinate, usually several times each night. Millions of Americans – more than fifty percent of men and women over 60 – have nocturia. Older people tend to sleep lightly with less time in deep sleep and are more… Read more


Exercise: A critical component for prostate health

You’ve heard the mantra: Exercise for heart health, exercise for bone health, and even exercise for brain health. What about exercising for prostate health? Likely you have not been told to exercise for this inconspicuous gland tucked away deep within your groin.  Yet, besides your heart, bones, and brain reaping the benefits from physical activity,… Read more


Six causes of painful sex for men

Painful sex in men is usually not a common occurrence. Usually, women will experience sex that is painful due to vaginal dryness, thinning of the vaginal wall, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and other conditions. However, pain during intimacy for men is real, and there are several reasons for this. Any man experiencing painful sex should… Read more