How men can successfully manage their urological health while managing diabetes

Diabetes affects millions of Americans, and its impact extends beyond blood sugar levels to various aspects of health, including urological function. Here’s a comprehensive look at the link between diabetes and urological health and what you can do to manage it effectively: Understanding Bladder Dysfunction Bladder dysfunction includes problems that affect the lower urinary tract,… Read more


Understanding and Addressing Elevated Iron Levels in Men

While low iron levels are commonly associated with women and children, it’s crucial not to overlook the issue of elevated iron levels, particularly in men. Unlike women and children who often face challenges with low iron, men can experience the opposite problem due to a genetic condition known as Hemochromatosis, leading to iron overload. This… Read more


Unlocking the Science Behind Infrequent Morning Erections: What You Need to Know

Waking up with an erection is not only a natural phenomenon but also an indication of robust sexual health in men, marking a promising start to the day. Traditionally associated with younger men, morning erections, colloquially known as “morning wood,” transcend age barriers and are observed across various demographics. However, the absence of this physiological… Read more


Understanding the impact of stopping exercise will have on your body

We’ve all heard the advice: 150 minutes of weekly exercise is recommended for maintaining good health. Exercise provides numerous benefits, from cardiovascular health to mental well-being. But what happens if you stop or don’t exercise? How does it affect your body? Let’s explore seven changes you might experience: Decreased Cardiovascular Strength:  Your heart, like any… Read more


Plant-Based Diet Linked to Enhanced Sexual Health in Prostate Cancer Survivors

Men, either with prostate cancer or are survivors of the disease, will be happy to know and should strongly consider eating more plant-based foods to improve their sex life. That’s because researchers from NYU Grossman School of Medicine and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health conducted a recent study that underscores the beneficial effects… Read more