Smoking’s impact on urological health

The devastating impact smoking has on your heart and lungs is well known.  From cardiovascular disease to deadly lung cancer, smoking takes a toll on these vital organs. However, if you smoke, you will also play fire with its impact on the health of your kidneys, bladder, prostate, and, if a man, your ability to… Read more


Steps to age-proof your bladder

Aging brings many physical changes we expect – gray hair, wrinkles, and arthritis are all obvious. But with each birthday, your urinary tract also ages, specifically your bladder.  Bladder changes can manifest in several ways. Learning steps to practice improving bladder functioning can protect and preserve your bladder health now and in the future.  Here… Read more


Why staying active helps manage chronic diseases

Here’s a fact that should get your attention: Chronic diseases, conditions that are ongoing and generally not curable, are why most Americans will develop a disability and eventually die from it. At least half of Americans suffer from at least one chronic illness, such as diabetes, chronic kidney disease, arthritis, and heart disease.  While it’s… Read more


What’s the best exercise for fat loss?

Losing weight should not be based on the number on the scale. Weight loss, instead, should be based on the amount of fat loss. The reason is that weight loss alone, including losing water and muscle mass, can be detrimental to health. But losing fat means reducing subcutaneous fat (fat directly below the skin) and… Read more


Should you be following an anti-inflammatory diet?

Likely you have heard of an anti-inflammatory diet. But have you ever wondered what exactly an anti-inflammatory diet is and whether you should follow this way of eating? What is inflammation? Let’s start with the basics of defining inflammation. Simply put, inflammation is how your immune system responds to an irritant. For example, a splinter… Read more