FDA approves new over-the-counter ED drug. Is it a game-changer?

Here’s a fact men hate to hear: Almost half of all men living in the U.S. will experience erectile dysfunction (ED), especially after age 50. That’s the bad news. But the good news is there’s a new medication that requires no more waiting to see your doctor for erectile dysfunction treatment. Treating ED has been… Read more


Seven incredible things that happen when you have strong core muscles

Most of us tend to neglect our core muscles, except for doing some situps and pushups occasionally. The core muscles are located around the abdomen and form the torso. They include the transverse and rectus abdominus, which are muscles that extend from just below the sternum to the waist, as well as the muscles in… Read more


12 Essential questions all men should ask their doctor

Many men struggle with making small talk with their doctor during an annual exam and often want to leave the exam room as soon as possible. However, the yearly physical provides a valuable opportunity for men to speak with their doctor and advocate for their health. Despite being 24 percent less likely than women to… Read more

The talk every man should have regarding prostate cancer

All men need to talk with their male relatives about who has had prostate cancer or who has not. The significance of a strong family history of prostate cancer is powerful in detecting a man’s risk of this potentially deadly disease. Prostate cancer is common among American men. Ranked as the second most common cancer… Read more

The best reasons why MRI fusion biopsy improves diagnosing prostate cancer

Men deserve the most accurate and up-to-date technologies for diagnosing prostate cancer. That’s why finding a balance between the traditional methods of ultrasound-guided biopsy with a higher degree of accuracy in detecting prostate cancer has always been the gold standard in providing men with the best diagnosis.  Unfortunately, here’s a fairly common scenario: A man… Read more