Eight simple steps promoting a healthy bladder

Most of us are rarely concerned with our bladder health; however, like any organ, good bladder health matters. Each day, our body produces urine, composed of waste and extra fluid left after it takes what it needs from the food we eat and drink. The bladder’s role is for storing and emptying urine as the… Read more


Keeping physically fit during cancer treatment

When battling cancer, it helps to keep yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically fit. Staying physically fit during cancer has many advantages benefitting how well you tolerate the treatments. For example, having an exercise routine during cancer treatment has many advantages: Prevent muscle wasting and muscle weakness Lowers the risk of heart disease Improves blood pressure… Read more


4 Best ways to maintain long-term urinary health

Good urinary health is a gift. Just ask anyone with an overactive bladder, prostatitis, or erectile dysfunction examples of urinary or male reproductive organs suffering from health issues affecting the quality of life.  Yet, it doesn’t have to be this way. Men and women can take steps to achieve and maintain urinary health as they… Read more


Why colder weather can cause urinary issues

Colder weather has arrived, which means a higher risk of colds and influenza, along with other cold-weather-related health effects. For instance, arthritis sufferers often have more achy joints, while people affected with asthma will experience more frequent coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath.  But for anyone with urinary issues such as an overactive bladder or… Read more


Lifestyle choices promoting testicular health

Men understand the importance of protecting their testicles. Precariously situated on a man’s body, the testicles are at risk of physical injury, testicular cancer, especially in young men, and other medical conditions. Responsible for making sperm and producing the hormone testosterone, the testicles play an invaluable role in male reproduction and the physical characteristics of… Read more