In 1979 the Iranian Revolution was in full effect ushering in State promotion of Islam and elimination of secularism. David Samadi, a Persian Jew in a Muslim country attending school, and his family, had only one choice after the Revolution. At the age of 15, David Samadi had to leave his place of birth with his younger brother and together they made their way to Brussels and London. This experience made them grow up very fast, but David Samadi has lived with a strong desire inside his heart: to respect everything around him, to study and to become a doctor. In addition, David Samadi went on to complete high school in Roslyn, NY and then attended the State University of New York at Stony Brook earning his degree in biochemistry on a full scholarship.

Dr. David Samadi’s Education and Training

1983 – 1984 Rosylin High School EDUCATION

Rosylin High School

In 1983 David Samadi started the High School in New York, Rosylin. Following a rigorous academic program, Samadi established here his educational experience based on a very solid foundation. David B Samadi has followed several academic programs, research programs and comprehensive offerings along all the disciplines. The multiple opportunities have offered him the chance of obtaining the Bachelor of Science degree but also the appreciation of being the President of his class.

2000 – 2002 Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center EDUCATION

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

In 2000, David Samadi along with a great team of doctors, nurses, and cancer experts started to train in prostate cancer, bladder and testicular cancer. Here, David B Samadi had the chance to explore all the necessary resources in order to help him go on with the plan of turning today’s scientific discoveries into tomorrow’s treatments. He also entered the American Urologic Association Society of Urologic Oncology as a further activity.

2007 - 2008 EDUCATION

Smart Surgery

In 2007, Samadi has succeeded to modify the advanced robotic technique, creating a revolutionary way of surgery. The technique involved a new way of sparing nerves during robotic prostate surgery in order to improve sex life of patients with prostate cancer. Basically, he recreates the classic open anatomic RRP technique as closely as possible on the robotic platform. He does not view the robot as a good unto itself, but, rather, as a tool that permits enhanced anatomic radical prostatectomy by improving vision and allowing angles of dissection not possible with open or straight laparoscopic instruments.



July 2014 AWARDS

Best Doctor’s List

Have been part of Best Doctors list since 2004 over a decade thanks to all the patients that have recognized his work.

July 2015 AWARDS

Best Doctor’s List

David B Samadi became a member of the distinguished list of best doctors in New York.

2001 – Present ORGANIZATIONS

American Urologic Association

In 2001, David B Samadi became a member of the American Urologic Association, being also the chairman of the group.

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