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herniated disc

 Insights on understanding herniated discs

 Back pain is a major problem among Americans. It’s the sixth leading most costly condition in the U.S. with about 8 percent of all adults having persistent back pain limiting their ability to work or perform daily activities. One type of back pain many people suffer from is called a slipped or herniated disc. There… Read more

Toothbrush on the table

How gum disease impacts men’s health

Believe it or not, gum health is a window to a man’s overall health. Consider the fact the mouth harbors bacteria.  Most of it is harmless but the mouth is a convenient entry point providing bacteria the opportunity to the rest of the body. If good oral health care is practiced routinely with daily brushing… Read more

battle ropes

Amp up your workout with battle ropes

If you’re looking for a unique way to torch fat, boost metabolism and sculpt muscles, put down your jump rope and pick up instead a battle rope. Battle ropes are one of the most effective, full-body workouts you can do blasting calories while working core strength. The 50-foot long ropes weighing anywhere from 25 to… Read more

weight-bearing exercises

Why weight-bearing exercise is essential for strong bones

Think of bone health and likely thoughts of drinking a glass of milk or eating a cup of yogurt comes to mind. Calcium-rich foods like milk and yogurt are indeed excellent for building strong bones. But never underestimate the power of lifting dumbbells, jumping rope, or pounding out a few pushups for building bone mass…. Read more

heart disease

Why heart disease may increase risk of cancer

The number one and number two leading causes of death in the United States – heart disease and cancer, respectively – while different diseases, may have more links in common than previously known. Study results Research, conducted by the Framingham Heart Study, for 15 years studied close to 13,000 individuals without heart disease or cancer… Read more