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10 Best healthy tweaks to lose weight and keep it off

Weight loss for men is often assumed an easier feat than for women.  And many times, that’s true. But I’ve known plenty of men who have struggled to meet weight loss goals and wonder why they are having difficulty. Maybe going full Keto is not the answer.  Or perhaps those crazy juices cleanse only work… Read more


5 exercises protecting prostate health

It’s not a secret that men can increase their chances of avoiding prostate problems by living a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise.  However, men who exercise, rarely are doing it for prostate health. Instead they do it for building muscle mass, bone health, heart health and for getting six-pack abs. So, it would be… Read more


Do vasectomies affect a man’s testosterone levels and sexual function?

The decision to get a vasectomy is personal. The main reason men have a vasectomy is to no longer be able to father children.  This very safe and effective male sterilization is an outpatient procedure taking between 10 to 30 minutes, and is performed cheaper, faster, with fewer side effects than female sterilization (tubal ligation),… Read more


Nutrients work better when paired together

The power of teamwork is powerful.  Even Helen Keller, an American author, and educator, famously said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” This same philosophy also applies to nutrients found in food working together are dynamic health collaborations. Collaboration is a good thing, and when it’s applied to teaming… Read more


Get fit fast with sprint workouts

Warmer weather is coming and you’re ready to shed winter weight gain. But the thought of walking on a treadmill or cycling endlessly on a stationary bike can get tedious.  Maybe you’re looking for a better way to crush calories, build strength, and supercharge your workouts. If so, have you considered sprints? The last time… Read more