benefits of napping

The benefits of regular naps on men’s health

Dogs, cats, and babies do it regularly – take naps. As adults, we are supposed to be beyond needing a midday slumber time. In fact, it’s common to view others who habitually take naps as a sign of weakness or being unmotivated. Yet, there’s not one of us who hasn’t experienced natural drowsiness sometime in… Read more

energy drinks

Energy drinks impact on men’s health

Energy drinks can be spotted everywhere – convenience stores, grocery stores, and vending machines. Besides availability, their popularity is based on providing an energy boost and who doesn’t need that burst of vitality and stamina pushing you through a rough day. If they can enhance mental alertness and physical performance, even better, right?   Not so… Read more

angry man

How chronic anger harms your health

One of the most primitive emotions we can experience is anger. From early childhood, each one of us has felt angry at times for various reasons – betrayal by a loved one, a driver cutting in front of you, or feeling shortchanged. If anger is expressed infrequently and in a constructive, healthy manner it can… Read more

prostate exam

8 Must-Know facts about your prostate

One of the most important parts of a man’s body is his prostate gland. It may be hidden deep inside the pelvic region, but this unseen gland has a big job.  When it works well, life is good.  But, as men age, this small walnut-shaped gland has a tendency to “act up,” making its’ appearance… Read more

exercise for prostate health

Physical activity for prostate health – New Study

It is already commonly known that physical activity is highly beneficial fo our overall health that this article does not need any introduction. But, do you also know what are the benefits of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle on the health of your prostate? Researchers have recently shed some light on the positive effects… Read more