man exercising post covid

Study finds exercise improves chances of beating Covid-19

The past year of Covid-19 has been a ‘wake-up call reminding us of the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. From healthy eating to maintaining healthy body weight, we’ve learned that good health matters in fighting off infectious diseases. Now a new observational study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine has highlighted the… Read more


3 Yoga moves older men should do daily

Growing older means the body needs extra special care. Poor posture, a weak and out-of-shape core or lower back pain are common complaints amongst older men. Staying in shape with good muscle tone, strength, balance and flexibility are more important than ever. That’s why older men – defined as guys over the age of 40… Read more

pandemic pounds

Tired of pandemic pounds? Here’s what you can do

The past year was stressful. The Covid-19 pandemic disrupted our lives so significantly, stress levels skyrocketed. And when stress levels go through the roof, our eating habits change and usually not for the better. Why people eat more when isolated? Many of us resorted to baking bread, muffins, cookies, and cakes – feel-good foods when… Read more

stationary bike

Looking for weight loss: Stationary bike or treadmill?

When weight loss is your goal and you’re looking for the right exercise to get in shape, which is better – a stationary bike or a treadmill? Both options are great choices for offering intense workouts building both stamina and strength. But since all of us are different with different needs, it’s best to compare… Read more

Food sources of fiber

Fiber – Your friend for good gut health

Is it time for a gut check? As in, do you suffer from gastrointestinal issues and feel like you could use some help?  You’re in the right place. Good gut health matters and many people suffer from various gastrointestinal problems. For instance, a diet filled with fiber helps improve gastrointestinal health by regulating bowel movements… Read more