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The Surgical Team: Meet the 5 superheroes of the OR

Being a part of a surgical team is much like being in the army: it requires preparation, discipline and cooperation. We all see surgeons as rock stars – VIPs of medical care, all-knowing gods that walk among us and see over our well-being. Doctors usually have this effect over us: you often feel intimidated around… Read more


6 sites that help you choose the best hospital

Finding the best hospital for any disease can be difficult, even in our times. According to the most recent statistics, the United States is currently home of approximately 5,600 hospitals. This figure has been constantly decreasing over the past decades, contrary to the steady enlargement of the number of employees in the U.S. healthcare system…. Read more


Good Physician-Patient Communication – Why is this crucial?

Excellent communication is learned and developed over time and it plays a vital role in understanding the patient’s suffering, establishing the correct diagnosis and prescribing the right treatment which will essentially cure the patient’s illness. You may be inclined to think communication between two people is something natural and you don’t need specialized training for… Read more

Finding the right doctor: 15 traits you should look for

The process of finding my doctor was challenging both for me and my family. But now I know what to look for when working with a medic. Reflecting on life, I’ve started realizing just how precious it is and how, in a split second, it can make a turn for the worst. One day, you… Read more