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Is Dr. David Samadi the best prostate surgeon in NYC? – Steven Rickelman’s testimonial

Thank you so much for your skill as a world-class specialist doctor. One of the best in the field in the world if not The Best. Thank you for your ability to organize your team to take care of a patient in a way I felt at that uneasy time when I heard that diagnosis,… Read more

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Top 5 things to be honest with your doctor about

The relationship between you and your doctor is based on honesty and trust. When patients are completely upfront about their medical history and trust their doctor with their disclosures, this medical relationship works best. Doctors are able to more accurately diagnose and treat you to remedy the situation.  But if you withhold information your doctors… Read more

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Making relaxation a necessity and not a luxury

Have you ever been told to, “just relax?” And have you ever realized just how hard to simply let go and relax really is?  As easy as it sounds, learning to calm and relax your body and mind can actually be quite difficult to do. All of us know stress is a part of life… Read more

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What does a urologist actually do?

What is a urologist? Most men and women are faced along their lives with issues concerning their kidneys, bladders, ureters, urethra, adrenal glands, or, in other words, with their urinary system. For most of these troubles, a visit to the urologist is the best way to find a solution. Urology specialists are trained in issues… Read more

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Recently diagnosed with prostate cancer – 10 important questions you should ask your doctor

A prostate cancer diagnosis may come unexpectedly. Considering that prostate cancer develops slowly and without causing severe symptoms, you might have been taken by surprise when diagnosed with cancer. Generally, people are not able to organize their thoughts under stressful conditions. Probably there were many times when you found yourself emotionally distressed and could not… Read more