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Urology – What is it and how to find a urology specialist?

  Health issues such as prostate cancer, enlarged prostate, erectile dysfunction, UTI, or urinary incontinence need the expertise of a urology specialist for diagnosis and a remedy. At some point in their lives, men are going to need a urologist to restore their quality of life.  What is urology? What is the difference between urology… Read more


Melanoma strikes men harder than women

  Men and the deadly skin cancer called malignant melanoma are a bad combination. Of all cancers, skin cancer is by far the most common. Even though less lethal basal cell and squamous cell skin cancers (both non-malignant skin cancers) make up the vast majority of skin cancers, malignant melanoma, which only accounts for 1%… Read more


Robotics is the future of surgery, says study

The days of surgeons performing traditional open surgeries making large incisions cutting through skin and muscle are numbered. Today, more hospitals are offering a different option patients are asking for – robotic surgery. Research has found robotic surgery has numerous benefits, including more precision and helping to minimize invasive cuts that promote quicker healing. A… Read more


Dr. David Samadi: Helping men overcome challenges to their health and well-being

Every June is a month-long celebration of men’s health. The purpose is to bring awareness of and encourage men to live a healthy lifestyle, a message I strongly endorse. In addition, anytime we can help men prevent health problems before they begin is a worthwhile goal our nation should prioritize.  As a men’s health expert,… Read more


Have trouble with memory or brain fog? Why your medications could be to blame

An astonishing 66 percent of American adults use at least one prescription medication. Moreover, the vast majority of adults use prescription medication for five of the most common chronic health conditions – heart disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, and cancer. In addition, the vast majority of user (age-wise) of prescription drugs are 50 years… Read more