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Strategies for slowing the rate of prostate cancer progression

Prostate cancer is a complex, multi-faceted disease. Whether found early or later, most men will have decisions to choose surgery, radiation, or even active surveillance. Any of these treatments can be very effective in helping eradicate cancer or at least slow the progression of the disease.   Besides prostate cancer treatment methods, men have a couple… Read more

Standard outpatient procedures for men that urologists perform

Urology is a field of medicine that focuses on the health of the urinary tract system which includes the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra in both men and women. However, urologists also have a strong role in overseeing the health and functioning of the male organs and reproductive system, including the penis, testes, scrotum, and… Read more


What men can expect when seeing a urologist for the first time

There will come a time in most men’s lives when having a urologist will come in handy. As men age and begin having urinary or prostate problems, they realize and understand why urological health is vital to their daily well-being.  What does a urologist do? Urology is a specialty focusing on the health of the… Read more


Solutions for keeping men healthy after andropause

There’s a little-known phenomenon called andropause, a normal process of aging that some men (around 2.1 percent) will experience. Think of andropause as the equivalent of women who go through menopause.  Andropause sometimes is called ‘male menopause,’ yet it differs from what women experience. For women, menopause means the end of their ability to conceive… Read more


What young men should know about testicular cancer

Picture this: A group of five men is enjoying watching a sporting event. Three of the men are over 50, and the other two men are between 25 and 30.  Out of this group, one of them has testicular cancer but does not know it. However, there is a much higher chance that one of… Read more