Amp up your workout with battle ropes

If you’re looking for a unique way to torch fat, boost metabolism and sculpt muscles, put down your jump rope and pick up instead a battle rope. Battle ropes are one of the most effective, full-body workouts you can do blasting calories while working core strength. The 50-foot long ropes weighing anywhere from 25 to 50 pounds may look intimidating, but when used correctly, they’re good for all levels of fitness. Once you get started, you’ll be glad you decided to pick them up as it sculpts your legs, back, abs, chest, and arms.

While most gyms have battle ropes in their facilities, this exercise tool, also known as heavy ropes and CrossFit ropes, are some of the most dynamic, portable, and affordable workout equipment you can add to your home gym. Once you begin this workout regimen, you’ll quickly find that battle ropes offer a variety of fitness moves meant to transform your body – improved cardiovascular function and endurance, increased strength, better conditioning, and a more toned body from head to toe.

What other kinds of benefits can you expect from incorporating battle ropes into your workout routine? Let’s take a look:

Muscle sculpting

Handling battle ropes means you’ll be working muscles that often get ignored as you whip, wave, and slam through your routine. From up and down, side-to-side, to circular motions, you’ll know you’ve challenged targeted muscles from the biceps to triceps getting them toned and sculpted.

Range of motion boosted

If you want to lessen tight muscles, injury, pain, or arthritis, maintaining a range of motion is a must. Range of motion is how well you can move the joint throughout your body.  In order to preserve this move as long as you can, regular use of battle ropes helps improve mobility in your grip and also in your shoulders, hips, knees, core, ankles, and feet. This means your body will move more efficiently and your day-to-day activities will be easier to perform.

Burns calories and fat for weight loss

When the battle of losing the bulge meets battle rope workouts, watch out. Just 10 minutes of using heavy battle ropes can blast around 112 calories, according to a 2015 study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.  A battle rope workout provides the necessary high-intensity cardio and strength-building workout similar to that of a kettlebell workout. Let’s just say a battle rope workout is a big boost for increasing metabolism.

Lowers risk of injury

Certain workouts can have a greater tendency for injuries than others. Using battle ropes is less likely for that to happen. Since you’re using your natural range of motion, you are more in control of the movements you perform. For example, when you jump rope, the biggest risk of injury does not come from the force you create but rather it comes from improper landing. By working the muscles in unique ways than usual, builds strength in weaker areas of the body reducing the overall risk of injury.

They make exercise fun

When a workout routine has gotten stale and boring, it’s important to have a go-to helping you break out of an exercise rut.  Battle ropes help breathe new life into your workouts making you feel like a kid again. Swinging ropes around makes exercise fun breaking up monotony as you work your body into a muscle-rippling shape.

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