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Dr Savid Samadi in OR

Movember Movement – Dr. David Samadi discusses the facts

What is the Movember Movement? Movember or No shave month recognized annually during November, promotes awareness of health challenges men face yet are rarely talked about. Part of spreading the word of “changing the face” of men’s health is encouraging men to grow a mustache during November. “Be on the lookout for more men with facial… Read more

Obese man with low testosterone level

Obesity – A major predictor of low testosterone in men

Men with a body mass index of 30 or greater are considered obese and are more likely to suffer from low testosterone levels. This connection between a man’s levels of testosterone and obesity has been found in various studies including a 2014 study finding that obese men were more than 8 times more likely to… Read more

movember movement

Movember Month – 5 things men can do today for a better health

Do you know a man who could improve his health? Maybe you’re one of them. Every year, the month of November is renamed Movember helping shine a spotlight on men’s health. Let’s face it, men’s health often takes a backseat. For example, men are less likely to see a doctor than women, men are four… Read more

davidsamadibio How to get your husband to go to the doctor

How to get your husband to go to the doctor

It is a known fact that women are the primary health care decision makers in their households. According to a study conducted by the U.S. Department of Labor, women make about 80% of the decisions in a family. While it’s fairly easy to convince your children to take their medication or let you take them… Read more

prostate cancer diagnosis

When your partner is diagnosed with prostate cancer

A prostate cancer diagnosis may frighten not only the patient but also his life mate. If your husband has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, you may wonder how aggressive is this disease, what are the available treatments, what changes will it produce in your family life and how can you support your spouse through this… Read more